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Book One of Pintler Valley Series: KARA

Kara threw the pen she’d been holding onto the desk. It seemed like all her brain could do right now was focus on the man about to arrive. She wondered if he would remember her, or even recognize her? She couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t place her, though each time he’d met her the circumstances had been very different. The first time, she’d been barely recognizable as human, let alone an attractive one. He’d pulled her from the bowels of hell, out of the grasp of a madman. He’d gently wrapped her in a sheet, the blood and body fluids oozing from her wounds and burns wetting it, and eventually sticking the sheet to her but he’d not let her go even on the helicopter until they’d landed at the nearby base. There, she’d been whisked away by the medical team and from there, to Rammstein Air Force Base and then secreted from there to a home in Nebraska. The second time, years later, she’d returned the favor, saving him and some of his team members from death. She’d been wrapped in black, geared for war and death that time, nothing like the young girl abused and near death, she’d been years before when he’d saved her.  
She’d told him, that first time, in a painfilled and dazed voice,“It’s just a scratch,” and he’d replied, “No, it isn’t.”
“I’ve had worse.”
“No, you can’t have,” he’d quoted the line.
She’d replied, “It’s just a flesh wound,” and then mumbled, “Did you bring your coconuts?” and he’d laughed then, quietly.
Something inside her had lifted when he’d recognized her favorite movie and that rumble from his chest, it moved through her like a calm medicine.
She’d known as soon as she’d heard the bangs and pops of close-range firing that her father had come through in saving her. She’d just had to stay alive long enough for him to arrange the rescue. When she knew the men holding her had fled, disappearing into the night and leaving her hanging with a chain by her hands, naked, bloody toes scraping the floor of the cell they’d held her in, she knew she’d either die or be rescued and she was determined to survive, to heal her body, to hide her secret and come back to wreak her own revenge, on her own time. She’d lived through a nightmare, horrors inflicted on her body and mind, but damned if she’d give in or give up.



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